5 Steps to Get Your Guests to Arrive On Time!

Follow these 5 easy steps to insure your guests are on time! 1. Start on the quarter hour. For example, begin at 4:15 or 4:45. I learned this trick from a professional a while back and it works! 2. Add the word(s) “Sharp or On the Dot” after the start time on your invitations. This […]

Be on time party planning


8 Must Have Party Planning Apps

We have compiled a list of eight must have party planning apps that can be used on both iPhone and Android to help you with your next party. Some of these apps have a companion website in case you do not have a smart phone. Punchbowl Okay, this one is not an app, but we […]

How to Throw a Surprise Party

  First, make sure you are doing this for the right person. Some people do not like surprises and there are some people who do not even like parties. Trying to throw a surprise party for someone like this could be a disaster. You also want to make sure you have enough time to prepare […]


Valentine's Day Singing Telegrams http://4themagic.com

You have to try this for Valentine’s Day!

Stumped as to what to do for your for that special someone this year. Looking to do something different this year on Valentine’s Day? Singing telegrams are growing in popularity once again, but not the traditional singing telegram that you would think of. I’m taking about comedy costume singing telegrams. A comedy singing telegram is where […]

Make Your Own Gingerbread House

This is a great holiday tradition to do as a family. There are many box sets that can be purchased at your local store for around $10. These boxed sets are great in that you do not have to bake and everything you need to get started is all included. If you do not plan […]



Party Planning Outline

Getting Started We know how important it is for every party to be a success. We have compiled a few party ideas to use at your next party. These party ideas are mostly for kid’s parties; however, some of the party ideas can be implemented for any event. The latest trend in kid’s parties is […]